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How to paint in acrylic?

I fling mine around. Straight out of the tube for heavy texture. I dilute with water and spray from a sort of pastry bag for colour.

Just start playing around. Acrylic is a very forgiving medium; you can just keep adding paint until you're satisfied. You will find your style eventually. See if you can find a local artist to show you how they work. Etc.How to paint in acrylic?
You can get this stuff from Hobby Lobby that makes it last longer and makes it build better and makes it shiny and easier to spread. I can't remember what it's called! It's in a white container and it looks like a jar of peanut butter. It's very expensive, tho! You can use water, in the meantime. I hated acrylic because it dried too fast.How to paint in acrylic?
Quickly, with a brush always dipped in water first.

Oil Paintings - What is the difference between acrylics and oil paintings?

I was looking at buying a painting, from , I noticed that they use oils in their paintings instead of acrylics, what's the difference, between oils and acrylics? What are the other materials that are used for paintings?Oil Paintings - What is the difference between acrylics and oil paintings?
Oil paint is better. It can also be layered and layered, which is the method the old masters used (i.e. Rembrandt, Da Vince, etc)

It is, as stated, oil based. You cannot mix water with it.

Acrylic is a new plastic paint. You use water to thin and apply it instead of turpetine and other mediums.

Since you are just looking at a finished product, the medium it is painted with doesnt really matter since you don't have to worry about drying time or production time.Oil Paintings - What is the difference between acrylics and oil paintings?
oil is oil based, thinned with turpentine and paint thinners,

acrylics (plastic)are water based thin with water, now half and half

watercolours are another…
Generally, beginners use acrylics, experts use oil-paints. Acrylics dry quickly, so that u can overpaint ur creation many times, during one session. Oil-paints don't dry at all during one session. If u're interested in buying paint-works, then I'd suggest u to buy oil-paintings, bcoz it looks richer than acrylics (u know what's due to the fact that oil paint vehicles can hold more pigment than can acrylic emulsions). Most companies that manufacture acrylic paints use less pure grades of pigment when making colors such as cadmium red and cadmium yellow. One company, Winsor %26amp; Newton, is now marketing a line of acrylic colors that are made from chemically pure pigments. It uses pure cadmium instead of the cadmium-barium pigment that most other companies use. Now u haven't mentioned what type of artworks u're planning to buy. If it's abstract / perspective then acrylic is good. But if it's portrait or still-life then oil-paints are better.
From my own understanding and experience, oil painting is the old and traditional medium of painting and it takes a while for it to dry hence the term slow-drying paint unless if you apply tempera (egg) technique. And heck, you need to use turpentine and maybe some thinner to dilute it and stuff. As for how it appears, its good when it come to blending, but with a cap H for Hassle and value for money.

And lo and behold, there is acrylic. Acrylic in contrary is a fast-dying paint and it just takes water to dilute it. You can use layers and layers of this paint and still looks fab. Acrylic is like PNG and oil painting is the JPEG of paint.

For more long winded answers you can check out the link below.
Kermit is right! If you like the painting buy it! The medium is academic. Oils is oils and acrylics are different as is watercolour. You should look to see if the artist is doing the medium justice. Some artists do not exploit the full potential of the medium - they use the paint to put colour onto the surface and do not build the work on the basis of the medium's characteristics/unique qualities. Even with the same subject, a good watercolour, or oil or acrylic work should be distinctly different.

Should I let me eleven year old daughter get acrylic nails? She says lots of girls her age have them.?

For one thing, she is too young to have them. Children need to be told no even if their friends have them. My fingernails are disfigured now from wearing them for 5 years. I do not recommend getting them to anyone. What will you say when she wants her belly button pierced at 12, birth control pills at 13 just because all her friends are doing it. Teach her some limits.Should I let me eleven year old daughter get acrylic nails? She says lots of girls her age have them.?
She is telling fibs! When I was eleven I was biting my nails and so were many others.

Don't pressurise her to become a tart as so many other parents are. Let her grow up when she's ready and not before.Should I let me eleven year old daughter get acrylic nails? She says lots of girls her age have them.?
If all the girls her age were jumping off cliffs you'd let her do it too?

No, of course you wouldn't.

Acrylic nails do weaken the natural nail, they hurt like anything if you catch them because they don't break they just pull at the skin. A young girl like that should be quite active and acrylic nails effect what sort of activities you can do and how well you can do them.
No, I think it's too much on an eleven year old.

You could let her grow her own nails and teach her how to do french manicures on them, and get her an airbrush nail kit for Christmas - they come with lots of designs and finishes - and just clean off with normal nail polish remover. Provides hours of fun for her and her friends, and teaches her how to care for her nails also.
Crazy to spend the money on them for a little girl who probably won't take care of them like an older girl would. Besides money, they grow up so fast, why give them one more way to 'look' older, right? I wouldn't do it, but thats my opinion.
She is a child, and artificial nails are for grown ups! ';Just because all the other girls have them'; is no excuse. Besides, how do you know for sure all the other girls have them? the ';But everyone else has them'; is the classic excuse used by kids to get someting done.
Please tell me your kidding??? If she said all her friends were jumping off cliffs would you let her do that too? I work in school office and I can tell you I have not seen one child with acrylic nails. Be a parent not a friend.
they wont damage her nails as such, but when they are removed or fall off, the nails are very tender and sore and she wont be able to do some things she enjoys as her nails will be brittle. i wanted false nails ever since i was 6, but my mum made me wait until i was 16. i think they are too grown for young girls, and can make them appear too grown up for their age. they need to have a proper childhood, without false nails, but thats just my opinion, its your decision to make.
I mean your the parent if you think she should have them, then get them if not then she will just have to wait till she's older. Or you can get the fake ones from the store lol
I vote no. They damage your nails real bad. plus this feeds into the whole everyone's doing it arguement. ';mom can i wear a mini skirt, everyone else is'; ';mom can I stay up til midnight everyone e;se is.'; NO way. plus i would ask ';who is a lot of girls.'; If you think on your own that it is ok, then i would ask her ';How are YOU going to pay for it?'; Make her earn the money. Don't just give her an allowance. those things are expensive to maintain. I say no until High school.
i wouldn't let her get them if i were you
It depends on you really. Not everyones children are the same at 11. And if you got her it as a one-off, like a christmas present or something then it's not going to damage her nails.

I used to get acrylics quite often but eventually came to the conclusion that yes they do look nice for a while, but they can be hard to keep clean, and will look scabby if you can't get an appointment with the nail technician to get them filled in regulary. It is also quite expensive to keep them up. Maybe not for an adult whose job requires good presentation, but for an 11 year old child yes.

Overall I don't see a problem with it, however I would keep it as a treat... not a regular thing.
not a flaming chance!

let her be 7 but if its pampering she wants most nail bars do child manicures which result in much the same look without the nails.
I think though. It is just a little step, but make sure she is paying for them. Because she will treat them better when shy realize how expensive good ones really are.
You are kidding, right?
NO............don't let your daughter grow too fast..I'm 23 and i'm a mom of 2 kids.Happily married and love my life,but now i think i grew up too fast and i missed out on so much....It's fun to be a kid..she's just being pressured but the little girls with the fake nails are going to be the ones pushing baby strollers in high school....NO,please NO!
NO..... sadly or youth is growing far to quickly. as a compromise take her to for a manicure.
In my opinion, NO.

1. you have to keep them up.

2. It ruines the nail underneath, makes them very weak

3. she is to young, you dont want her to grow up faster than she needs to

4. it's just a stage the other girls are going through and will end up going out of style in a month or so, so just tell her no

5. it's meant for teenagers or older
they can get pricy cause you have to get them filled as soon as your nails grow out. they can damage your nails also, if she picks them and doesn't wait to soak them off you can rip your nails up bad.

You also can get a fungus(happened to me) it makes your nails look horrible. there are also lots of other diseases you can get from nail salons even if there equipment is clean. Then you have to take antibiotics etc. ( believe me I worked in a salon for years.)

I would wait till Highschool.Plus they harbor lots of germs during cold and flu season if you don't clean under them well. And if they start to pull up from the top dirt and stuff gets caught underneath them. As a mother I would say no, and try to redirect her into another direction. maybe manicure stuff she can use at home. parifin dip for home.

I'm sure she will be mad, but its for her health.
I wouldnt because sometime these nails can damage youre perment nail. Why do kids want to grow up so fast?
NO WAY!!! She'd like you to believe that many other girls her age do, but I doubt that.

Time enough for that later on. Like, maybe 17 or 18. She needs to be a kid yet for a while.
sorry, i say NO! limits are limits and they need to learn that. plus.....they really can cause me, i know!
i wouldn't n if she did neways there would b a *** stomping
Whatever you can afford at this point in time against your 401K, you have 7 more years to go, before you can teach her what REAL life is about!
No! Your daughter is how old?

If you love your daughter and care for her dearly, I think you should teach her the importance of good taste and that having long finger nails doesn't make you a better person. Personally I think that acrylic nails are for grown ups.

Who's going to foot the bill?

Treat your girl to a girly night, just you and her. You can manicure and paint each others nails. That's so much fun.

Tell her that just because other girls of her age have them, doesn't necessarily mean she has to have them.

I used to use this phrase when I wanted a certain kind of mini skirt in the 80's, and I was lying. Non of my friends had it.
I would do it for her as long as they weren't to long. Now the downside is there expensive to keep up

it will not hurt her

she will enjoy it

lots of kids even her age get them done

do it with her

make it a mother/daughter day out

go out to lunch afterwards
I think so. It's not like a huge step. Lots of girls like to do stuff like that with their nails
I would, but i would make her work for them..get her nails done for her once and tell her if she wants to keep getting them filled then give her chores or something to earn keeping her nails being sounds weird but its what my mom did for me when i was that age and boy did i want them filled everytime and i knew i had to keep up with my grades and chores or whatever to get them..
yea! it's not that big of a deal. just go to the drug store and get some for her. they have lots of diffrent types and desings. they may also have little gem stick ons to put on them ;) .
i would. it's not like it's a tatto or something permenant. if she was my daughter i would go with her and make it a mother daughter date.

Does anyone know how to take off artificial nails that are ';gel'; and silk wrapped? (not acrylic nails)

Acetone should do the trick. Straight acetone, not polish remover with acetone in it, it's not strong enoughDoes anyone know how to take off artificial nails that are ';gel'; and silk wrapped? (not acrylic nails)
You will need to soak them off. You should be able to find the solution at Walmart near the nail polish removers.

Getting acrylics wth extremely short nails, can I still get them?

I am getting acrylcs in less than 2 days time, but my right pinky nail is extremely short. I mean, ridiculously short.

I'm estimating 0.5cm or not even here, and I'm concerned if I can still get one on that nail...because I urgently need them for a function the next day.

Hope somebody can help!Getting acrylics wth extremely short nails, can I still get them?
Yes you can have them done, but you will not be able to have them really long. You will do better with an Active Length. This is because the base of your nail bed has to be long enough to support the artifical nail. I do nail biters all the time and believe me they appreicate having the active length, its better then what they had, nothing. ;)Getting acrylics wth extremely short nails, can I still get them?
Yes, you'll still be able to have them done. Your nails have to be very short for the acrylic nails anyway so not a problem at all.
Absolutely. They will just put tips on and then overlay with acrylic

Polyvinyl Chloride, Polystyrene, Acrylic ?

What uses and properties do pvc, polystyrene and acrylic have? (uses does not apply to polystyrene and properties does not apply to acrylic)

Thanks very much, im stuck on my hw cnt find the answer anywhere.Polyvinyl Chloride, Polystyrene, Acrylic ?
PVC - Plastic window / door profiles / pipes / guttering / cable insulation etc

Acyclic - Signs, bath tubs, Spa baths, boat windows, dental fillings, paint, yarn for clothing etc
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  • Working with liquid acrylic?

    i want to make a model of a computer mouse, just like the original

    my idea is making a mold of foam and using liquid acrylic in the mold

    any ideas on what kind of foam i should use to make the mold, and how to work with the acrylic?

    i have the project, but no idea on how to start :(Working with liquid acrylic?
    It really depends on how much you want to spend on the project and the final use of the casting. In any case, I would avoid the use foam as a molding material. If you are only going to use the mold once, you might consider alginate (available from most hobby and craft stores for “life casting”) as it is fairly inexpensive. If you want to make many copies, consider silicone (see link). Acrylic and be hard to work with and can give you inconsistent results in poorly controlled work environments. You can also use candle wax or casting resin. You can find candle wax at hobby stores and casting resin at many model shops or at the link below (the site also contains some good instructions). Good luck!